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We're a development studio
We Make Tools to Create
Customized Products.
Preview of a HeroForge mini
Customized Minis

We created Hero Forge® to give tabletop gamers a better way to design and order custom miniatures and statuettes. As gamers ourselves, we were sick of rooting through poorly stocked shelves or browsing low-rez image galleries to find a mini that vaguely resembled our heroes. Gamers create characters from the ground up by choosing from thousands of unique customization options and making live changes right in their web browser.

Preview of a Chibify mini
Customized Chibis

Chibify® allows anyone to design detailed characters in full 3D using an easy-to-use character customization platform. Users can mix and match thousands of options to build expressive cartoon avatars of themselves or other characters for special occasions. Create full color custom chibi miniatures, statuettes, and metal charms for keychains, charm bracelets, and even necklaces.

Preview of a Charmsmith mini
Customized Jewelry

Charmsmith® is a platform for those who want to create bespoke jewelry and accessories. Anyone can design meaningful pieces even without experience. Original designs can be uploaded to the platform, or users can browse our library of more than a million design elements. Use Charmsmith® to totally customize necklaces, rings, and cufflinks. It’s the perfect way to create gifts for bridesmaids, partners, friends, and more.

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